Discover the Magic of Chiang Mai at Sunrise

Experience Early Morning Offerings and Temple Wonders

Experience the serene beauty of Chiang Mai at dawn on this unique tour that combines cultural immersion and breathtaking scenery.

Begin your journey with a hotel pickup, where you’ll join a small group for an intimate Chiang Mai Sunrise Tour. The first stop is at the Kru Ba Sri Wi Chai statue for the traditional alms offering to monks. This sacred ritual is a serene and spiritual way to start your day, connecting with local Buddhist practices.

Next, we ascend to the famous Doi Suthep Temple. As the sun rises, the temple’s golden pagoda glows, offering a stunning view of Chiang Mai below. This is truly one of the must-see attractions in Chiang Mai, combining spiritual peace with panoramic beauty. The tour also includes a visit to the hidden gem, Wat Pha Lad, nestled in the lush greenery, providing a tranquil retreat.

Join our Chiang Mai Sunrise Tour to experience the spiritual and natural beauty of this incredible city. This tour offers a unique opportunity to connect with local culture and witness breathtaking sights at dawn.

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