Chiang Mai Coffee Farm Tour: Unveiling the Coffee Journey

Embark on a Chiang Mai Coffee Farm Tour to explore the rich traditions and techniques of coffee-making. Starting with a pickup from your hotel between 08:00-08:30, the tour takes you to the picturesque Pang Hai Village. Here, you’ll experience firsthand the processes involved in producing some of the finest coffee.

The tour includes activities like planting coffee trees, making souvenirs from dried cherries, and understanding coffee processing. Visitors will also enjoy a sensory and cupping session, where they can savor the unique flavors of Ban Pang Hai’s coffee. The tour concludes with coffee roasting, brewing, and tasting, providing a comprehensive overview of the coffee production journey.

Enhance your travel experience with our engaging Chiang Mai Coffee Farm Tour. Ideal for families and solo travelers, this tour offers a unique blend of education and enjoyment.

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