Explore Chiang Mai City with a Tuk Tuk Tour

Kick off your Tuk Tuk Tour Chiang Mai City at the historic Tha Phae Gate. This ancient entrance to the old city, surrounded by lively shops and cafes, offers a perfect start to your exploration. Capture the essence of Chiang Mai’s vibrant culture as you begin your journey.

Next, visit Wat Sri Suphan, the renowned ‘Silver Temple.’ Known for its intricate silver carvings and dazzling appearance, this temple is a testament to the skill of Chiang Mai’s artisans. Our guide will provide fascinating insights into its history and significance, making your visit truly enriching.

Continue to Wat Chedi Luang, an impressive temple with a towering stupa. Despite its partial damage, the temple remains a significant historical site. From there, proceed to the Three Kings Monument, celebrating the city’s founders. Conclude your tour at Warorot Market, a bustling hub of local activity where you can shop for unique items and experience the lively market atmosphere.

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