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Phuping Palace

Phuping Palace is a great place with beautiful gardens and greenery

phuping palace, bhubing palace, winter palace

Phuping Palace is the Royal winter residence of the Thai Royal Family. It is located in thearea of Doi Suthep – Pui National Park where temperatures are lower than in town and the atmosphere is more moist. The Palace that was completed in 1961 is also used to receive guests of the Royal Family.

Phuping Palace is located in the west of Chiang Mai city and can easily be combined as part of a day trip or half-day trip to the nearby Doi Suthep temple, the holiest temple in the north of Thailand and Doi Pui Hmong village. Phuping Palace has become known as the winter palace because members of the royal family stay here when they visit the north of Thailand during the cool season when the mountain air is cool and clean and the flowers are in full bloom. The palace is also used for prominent State visitors from overseas. The king and queen of Denmark were the first foreign royals to stay at Bhuping Palace when they visited Thailand in January 1962.

phuping palace, bhubing palace, winter palace

phuping palace, bhubing palace, winter palace

Phra Tamnak Phuping Rajanives was built in northern Thai architectural style called “Ruen Mu” (Group of Houses). The building sits on stilts. The upper floor is the royal residential area while the ground floor houses the royal entourage. The building master plan was design by Prince Samaichalerm Kridagara while Mom Rachawongse Mitrarun Kasemsri designed the building.

As the Palace buildings are not open to the public, the main attraction are the landscaped gardens that can be visited when none of the members of the Thai Royal Family stays at the Palace.

phuping palace, bhubing palace, winter palace

phuping palace, bhubing palace, winter palace

One of the main attractions is the rose garden named Suan Suwaree. Besides the roses, the spread out gardens contain many species of flowers and plants such as several species of camellias, ferns, giant bamboo and colorful orchids.

A large water reservoir with fountains provides water for the Palace complex during the dry season. Even the water reservoir is beautiful with colored lights, musical fountains etc.

The landscaped gardens and grounds are open to the general public every day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Visitors should wear appropriate attire. The palace is closed when the Royal Family is in residence, between January and early March.

phuping palace, bhubing palace, winter palace

phuping palace, bhubing palace, winter palace

Entry to the buildings themselves is prohibited, but you are free to explore the grounds and take photos. When visiting any royal grounds in Thailand you should dress and behave respectfully. At Phuping Palace you are not allowed to wear shorts or skimpy clothing. Shoulders must be covered. At the entrance to the grounds there is a clothes rental service for visitors who arrive without suitable attire. Admission is 50 Baht per person. 

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The travel to Phuping palace is easy because it is the same way to Doi Suthep, a renowned mountain, which is about 5 km from Chiang Mai. You can take a red pick-up passing in front of Chiang Mai Zoo. You can also stop over to pay homage to Khru Ba Si Wichai Monument. Khru Ba Si Wichai is the one who constructed Phra That Doi Sutheip Temple. The red pick-up services are provided to lead to Doi Suthep temple, Phuping Palace and Doi Pui Hmong Village. The distance from Chiang Mai Zoo to Phuping Palace is about 17 km. The most comfortable way is by private taxi. Taxis or minivans can be booked by most travel agents in Chiang Mai town. 

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